Adele Hart

Quirky water elemental scientist who means well but is oblivious to most things outside the world of her lab.


{This is Adele’s most recent backstory. This is years after she escaped from the hedge. I will create her history over the hedge soon. But until then this is her most current past. =) ) Adele was in her second year of college when I man came to visit her at her school. They took her and a few other students into a room and had them take a test. He told them that they were tested because they posses strong skills at analyzing and processing data as well as retaining information. A few days later she was contacted to work for a Company called Nova. She later discovered that it was a group of military scientists in London trying to understand the root of magic.

She worked on a project that dealt mostly with relics. She did well and was moved to another project, a more classified one. She and her partner and very best friend Colin were to interview an actual magical being. A vampire. During the interview the vampire became violent and lunged at Adele. He grabbed her and held her tightly. “You smell of ocean. You don’t smell human. Please don’t let them do this to us. You must help us.”
Her partner managed to grab and sedate him. He looked at her for a moment and quickly wrote something down without her knowledge.

Adele went home that night and began packing. Something was telling her she wasn’t safe. She called Colin to meet her at her house because she also didn’t want to be alone. And well…she thought she should say goodbye to someone she cared so strongly about. When she opened the door to let him in 3 other larger men also came through.

“I’m sorry Adele, but the project comes first. I know you understand that so please don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. "

Adele tries to escape but the closest door is to the bathroom. She locks it and starts running the sink and bathtub. She creates a thick and heavy fog and manages to sneak past

She slips through the window and manages to escape. She has nothing now. No money, no friends and no way of ever going back.

Adele Hart

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