The Quiet Androgynous Wizened Oracle


Cricket is a weird little creature.
For starters her name isn’t really Cricket. She had another name in the life before, but has never told anyone what it was (nor have most people asked).
She speaks in a hushed, breathy voice that can barely be called above a whisper.
Caecilia Groos is the one who found Cricket on the other side of the hedge. All she saw was a ragdoll. A little toy sitting on the self. It wasn’t even the prettiest doll Caecilia saw. Not all the pieces matched, and even the head had been changed from the torso with little tight stitch lines just over the collar bone. But something about the doll caught her eye. Maybe it was because the eyes didn’t match, one was brown and the other grey. Maybe it was because those eyes looked so sad. Maybe it was just fate, or destany, or karma… but for some reason Caecilia chose that doll. She took it through the hedge as another trophy… but it was not the same. It was a Changling. A Wizened Changling… She was the first Changling that Caecilia had taken.
Cricket was still a ragdoll though in a since. When Caecilia brought her back to the Scrape, Cricket told her how “The Toy Makers” used her body for parts for other dolls. They needed her “pieces” and “bits” to fix the others, so they would trade pieces with other pieces. She told Caecilia that the only parts that she knew for sure were still her’s were her head and one of the eyes (though she wouldn’t say which one).
Caecilia decided that Cricket was not ready to live on her own. She was shy and timid and didn’t really understand a lot of the world. So Caecilia offered for Cricket to stay at the Scrape until she could get on her feet. In exchange Cricket worked around the Boarding House, doing odd chores and makeing rooms and such.
Caecilia learned three things about Cricket very fast. The First; Cricket talked weird. Not just the whispery voice but what she said. At times they were random little sentence that didn’t make sense, others they were almost riddles of events occuring. Cricket was an Oracle and had a trait that she could see about 5 minutes into the future… sometimes… problem was is that Cricket was not always exact in telling what she saw, so Caecilia never knew if it was a vision or just Cricket being crazy Cricket. Second; Cricket never used her own bed. She was given a room, and a bed, of her own, but at night was never in it. Instead she would always find her way to someone else’s to cuddle… so “Rule One” was invented very soon after (“Rule One” – If you don’t want Cricket in your bed, lock your door). The Thrid thing about Cricket that Caecilia learned was not for a bit after Cricket was there, a year after in fact. Cricket could craft dreams. Make dreams. Beautiful wonderful dreams.

So, Cricket has been at the Scrape ever since… some believe she is out right insain, others believe that she is just always living 3 steps in front of everyone else… either way though she makes an interesting addition to the house…

It has been discovered that Cricket’s real name William Thorne and use to be a boy




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