Caecilia Groos

A Falcon Beast Tracker.


Caecilia was taken while hunting with her father at the age of eight. While she didn’t have any skill with actual firearms at the time. Her father let her play scout and sport a little bow and arrow. Even at a young age Caecilia had a knack for finding things, this included hidden birds and small game hiding in the brush. Unfortunately this talent caught the attention of a very powerful True Fae, The Horned Hunter, he whisked her away and left a fetch in her place.

She spent the next part of her life with The Hunter as his prized falcon. He twisted her little form into a creature he could use in his grand hunts. When small wings weren’t what he desired her gave her a full form he could enjoy instead. Caecilia was truly his favored pet but that did not mean he treated her better than the rest, it only caused her to have more of his attentions. So she played his games and when he thought her a tame pet that he could leave crumpled in his bed alone. Caecilia flew, her talons never touched the ground until she tore her way through The Hedge.

For seven glorious minutes she stood in the real sunlight without a stitch of clothing on and enjoyed the wind ruffling her feathers. Sadly, The Horned Hunter is not called the Greatest Huntsman for no reason. He found her where she stood, raised his hand to her and took a breath. Before he could utter a word, the young woman bid his to wait and he did for a moment. Long enough for her offer him deal, Caecilia would pay for her own freedom and she would pay for it in a commodity he wanted. People. The Horned Hunter gave her a number, that would be the value of her and for every week she spent on this side of the Hedge, away from him, that number would increase by 10. Every week she returned to him the number would remain the same. Caecilia accepted his terms and he left her standing where he’d found her.

Without guilt, Caecilia took people. Anyone he expressed interested in, those he hated for no reason and even a few of her own kind where dragged back over the Hedge. Gifts and favors to The Hunter’s friends. She spent weeks with him when her injuries wouldn’t allow her to work or the proper supply was scares. Seven years to the day, Caecilia delivered her last payment. Their agreement was fulfilled he could never keep her again but that didn’t stop him from calling on her from time to time. No more than three days at a time but The Horned Hunter can still make her walk willingly to his side.

In the three years since buying her freedom, Caecilia has taken from the Hunter whenever he deems it fair to take from her. She lives in The Scape, a house she painstakingly crafted while working on her freedom, and set up a life she can live mostly peacefully. Caecilia just can’t say no when someone asks for her help directly.

Caecilia Groos

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